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QHI Newsletter: December 2015

Quality Care Opportunities in 2015-16

Seeing as many of your beneficiaries that have not had an office visit this and next year will help to:

  1. Close any outstanding quality measures
  2. Ensure that all chronic and co-morbid conditions are addressed, coded and documented
  3. Identify opportunities for optimizing care coordination
  4. Ensure that CMs continues to attribute every eligible beneficiary to your practice.

It is easy to determine, who has not been seen by a provider yet or who is due for a wellness visits, by clicking on Most Recent Visit or Last Wellness Visit of the CareScreen® home screen or by selecting and viewing the appropriate report (Members with No PCP Visits or Members With No Wellness Visit) for each individual provider in the Reports Menu.

Letters concerning quality reporting have gone to our PACS participants. Please contact Steven Richardson, MD, QHI Chief of Quality and Provider Network Operations at srichardson@qhideas.com for any specifics on quality measures.

New Care Coordination Services

Quality Health Ideas, Inc. is introducing a new clinical service with a Health Coaches Program next year with supporting providers to close gaps of care and to facilitate care opportunities January 2016.

Look out for messages from our new program.

New CareScreen® Features

The new Report Card is now available – This report allows users to customize criteria to include in your real-time performance reports.  It will help providers actively manage and re-focus efforts based on real-time trends in their care.  You can find this new report in the Reports Menu: click on Reports, select "Report Card" drop-down list.

The new Home Screen customization is now available – There are major changes to the way the home page looks and helps to provide more effective and efficient population management.
It provides a “blink of an eye” access to all beneficiaries with prioritization on gap of care and wellness visits.

Coming Soon

Help Section Updates - Look for updated Quality Specifications, ACO Summary Specs, and user guides under the help menu.

Quality Registry updates – In order to meet the increasing requirements for quality reporting and preparing for 2016 we are implementing new measures and reports with the next CareScreen® releases.

Dashboard updates - We are bringing a whole new way to show best practices across clinical and operational metrics. This will enable providers and their office staff to improve the quality of care for their beneficiaries efficiently.

Super User of the Week

Brian Zehnder MD, Quality Medical Director for PACS ACO, is a CareScreen® power user. His practice, Exodus Healthcare Network (22 providers, 522 ACO beneficiaries in Utah) has implemented a customized office workflow using the CareScreen® application alongside their EMR. Click on http://www.qhideas.com/cs-superuser-forum for details

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