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QHI Newsletter: November 2015

Super User of the Month: Miramont is increasing CareScreen usage, one Selfie at a time!

Spotted in Colorado, Miramont team members snap a "CareScreen selfie" during a morning huddle.

Dr. John Bender and Miramont Family Practice have implemented a ‘selfie contest’ focused on maximizing daily usage and improving productivity within CareScreen. This contest has increased the daily usage to 95% for all providers!

Miramont Family Practice includes 40+ providers and over 1,300 beneficiaries in the PACS ACO. 
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New CareScreen® Platform features

We at QHI pride ourselves on being nimble and leading the cutting edge.  Therefore, we listen to your feedback and act on it, immediately. Below is a sneak peak of two requested enhancements that we will bring to you within the next few weeks:

  1. Revamped Member Select Page - We are improving the layout of the Member Select Page to include more information about possible gaps of care and various care management options.  This will ensure that providers focus on what matters, when it counts.
  2. New CareScreen Report Card – We are adding a Report Card request interface that will allow users to customize criteria to include in your real-time performance reports.  This will help providers actively manage and re-focus efforts based on current trends in their care.

CareScreen® Platform Tips and Tricks

Within each newsletter, we will include a couple of simple tips to maximize the power of CareScreen.

Performance tip 1: CareScreen works well on all the browsers, but works best with Firefox or Chrome.  Let us know, we are happy to help set this up for you!

Performance tip 2: We can customize your home page!  If you spend most of your time in CareScreen on a particular page, e.g., Quality Registry, Member Select Page or Reports, let us know, and we will make it your home page.

To make this change call 888-512-1127 ext. 5 or, email us at contact@qhideas.com

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