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QHI Newsletter: October 2015

Introducing CareScreen® platform Enhancements

QHI is proud to announce several powerful new features in CareScreen, along with a fresh new look.  At QHI, we are firm believers of the kaizen model, and are constantly improving CareScreen to facilitate improved quality of care, lower administrative burden and higher revenue for your organization, now and in the future.  Consequently, you may have noticed recent changes, and we are pleased to announce the following enhancements to CareScreen:

1) Working great with ICD10 from day one: We did not simply automate the cross-walk, but instead dedicated months of our clinical team's energy to embed analytics that (a) improve the accuracy and value of new coding and (b) simplify and alleviate much of the headache of adapting to ICD10.
2) Delivering real-time ADT, admit/discharge/transfer alerts when it counts: Thanks to a select group of providers and their IT teams, we have connected with many hospital systems to bring PACS practices real-time admit/discharge information for attributed lives.  This has initially led to increased transition visits, but there is much more opportunity available.  PACS currently captures a mere ~11% of all potential transition visits.

In the coming months, we will connect with many more hospitals, SNFs and other facilities across the 10 states represented in PACS.  

If you would like to be involved, email contact@qhideas.com for more details.

3) Coming soon! New management reports with drill-down capabilities and configurability to drive even better managed care performance.

PACS Update: Finishing the year strong

PACS is on track to improve triple outcomes including (1) patient outcomes (2) care experiences and (3) cost reduction for 2015...

Through a combination of effort at the local level and from PACS leadership, and the utilization of CareScreen tools and systems, providers are starting to see better health outcomes and a better ability to manage cost, by sharing data, and increasing awareness of what is happening to their patients outside of the office.

Highlights of how practices are utilizing the CareScreen® platform and QHI support:

* Several groups have been using a combination of CareScreen data and homegrown clinical initiatives to improve utilization and quality outcomes, which is already driving improvement to key metrics

* Several groups are collaborating with QHI to improve quality measure reporting activities, which have reduced the workload at their practices

* Some groups are leveraging CareScreen for their broader Medicare population, yielding significant increases to revenue and a higher quality of care for Fee For Service, in addition to ACO beneficiaries
Key statistics on CareScreen roll-out across PACS:

* CareScreen is now used in practices responsible for 45% of PACS ACO beneficiaries

* 30% are receiving benefits of real-time Admit/Discharge/Transfer messages from nearby facilities, and being able to do more transition visits and close care gaps
* 30% have connected their practice's daily billing data to CareScreen, giving access to richer data with increased speed of information to doctors, assistants and practice managers
We recognize the urgent demand for CareScreen, and are committed to rolling out CareScreen to 100% of PACS, as soon as feasible.  

We appreciate your patience and support!

Notable Quotes

Eileen Smith
Executive Director
Soundview Medical, CT
PACS ACO beneficiaries: 4,200+

"We love using CareScreen at Soundview.

Before CareScreen, we had separate reports for each of the various gaps of care, and there was no way for us to see all of this information for a given patient at the same time. This led to lots of people looking at different bits of information for the same patients, with high probability of miscommunication and misinformation occurring. 

Now, with CareScreen, we have all of this information in one place at our fingertips - for a given patient, or across the patients. This leads to better closing of gaps in care, better quality of care, and better patient and professional experience." 

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