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QHI Newsletter: January 2016

Meeting the quality registry requirements to be eligible for 2015 surplus

Letters regarding quality reporting have been sent to all PACS ACO participants and requires a response from each of the participating PACS medical practices by January 29.  

We are currently processing CMS requirements for quality reporting and will contact your medical practice for additional required information for any of your patients that were chosen by CMS.

We have also published an explanation of all ACO quality measures, e.g. how they are measured and what they mean, here: http://www.qhideas.com/pacs

For any questions about satisfying the requirements, contact Steven Richardson, MD, QHI Chief of Quality and Provider Network Operations at srichardson@qhideas.com.

New Care Coordination Services

Achieving surplus in 2016 will require increased effort from PACS ACO providers because the bar only gets higher!

To help, QHI will begin offering our proprietary Health Coach Program to help your groups close care gaps and facilitate additional care opportunities. We will focus our joint efforts on beneficiaries that have significant care coordination opportunities, with the practices that are most engaged with PACS and CareScreen®.

Look out for messages and calls to your practice from our new program.


CareScreen® Platform Updates

Quality Registry updates: In order to meet the increasing requirements for quality reporting we have implemented the new depression remission measure.

New Report Card module to manage performance: To enhance your ability to manage performance, you now have the ability to generate real-time, targeted metrics, e.g. partial expense, wellness visits, quality measures, for your practice and providers.  Leveraging the CareScreen® Report Card will be essential to maximize value and care opportunities on a daily basis.  For access, choose "Report Card" from the "Report" menu in CareScreen®.

The latest PACS trend report is based on CMS claims data through December 2015, related to care delivered through October 2015, and has been published in CareScreen®, click on "Reports" -> "File Download." 



Based on latest figures, the adjusted PACS savings trend is 2.63% across all organizations for 2015, which potentially makes PACS one of the top performing ACOs in the country.

The annualized wellness visit rate is 22.3% of total potential, and transition visit is 6.5% of total potential.  We are moving in the correct direction, but there is room for significant improvement and we can all chip in to deliver maximum benefit to our patients and surplus to our provider groups. 

The best way to improve this performance is to increase use of CareScreen®, which actively enhances wellness and transition opportunities.
For example, the CareScreen® ADT module leverages real-time admit, discharge and transfer (ADT) messages from various facilities (hospitals, SNFs, etc.) to identify value opportunities as they occur. 

Please reach out to support@qhideas.com if you want to learn more how to set up and utilize such the ADT module in your office.

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