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Supercharging value-based care delivery

The CareScreen® population health platform is a web-based application that delivers actionable information to primary care providers, improving quality of care and reducing total medical expense.

The CareScreen® platform, combined with QHI Clinical Services, reduces hospital and SNF days by facilitating coordinated care, and optimizes payment to providers and health plans by identifying missed chronic conditions, optimizing disease coding and severity, and maximizing value visits.

The Quality Value Units, or QVU® system, within the CareScreen® platform, increases the amount and effectiveness of value-based provider compensation, which aligns payer and provider incentives to deliver industry-best managed care results.

QHI provides several clinical support services that supplement local care coordination efforts to maximize value while reducing administrative burden:

Our Wellness Assist Program identifies opportunities for and conducts high-value annual wellness visits on behalf of the practice, which increases revenue and improves care.

Our Post-Acute Support Program manages post-acute care to prevent complications and minimize risk of readmission and other unnecessary medical costs.

Our Disease Management Program provides extra support and coordination for patients with high-risk or chronic conditions.

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